• Distribute Globe Phone Credits with LOAD ONE!

    Load One is a leading distributor and marketer of wireless, electronic load, and prepaid digital products in the Philippines
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  • Reduce cash handling cost with LOAD ONE

    Handling cash can be a pain. We can help streamline your cash management with our cash drop-off services.
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  • Encourage loyalty from your customers and employees

    Creatively use electronic gift certificates or vouchers to improve your business!
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  • Time and Attendance Anywhere

    Track your employee's attendance and location using facial recognition on ordinary mobile devices!
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Introducing LOAD ONE

Load One provides digital solutions for businesses in retail and distribution in the Philippines. We believe that the value chain for consumer goods distribution is ripe for change. By leveraging the latest advances in digital such as mobile, the cloud, and analytics—We can help our customers streamline their operations, reduce cost per transaction, utilize new distribution channels, and provide a more engaging and seamless experience for their customers. 

Electronic Load

Electronic Load

Resell or distribute Globe prepaid top-up credits to your customers, partners, or employees! We provide a platform to allow you top-up mobile phone credits of Globe customers through different channels including via Web, API, SMS, Mobile App, and even by Facebook Messenger! 

Cash Drop-off

Cash Drop-off

Drop-off cash collections at the nearest convenient, secure location such as the nearest pawnshop or convenience store. You will no longer be limited to depositing cash at your bank which sometimes have limited branches at far away locations. Now you can reduce the cost related to cash handling with this easy, secure, digital-enabled solution. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Use an electronic Gift Certificate or Voucher to enable customer loyalty, customer or employee credit programs, and other innovative customer or employee services. We have partnered with a wide variety of Redemption Partners and Merchants to create a rich, closed-loop, gift certificate ecosystem that you can use for your business today.

Time and Attendance

Use a time and attendance tool that requires no hardware, no complicated setup, and can be used across several branches, or even by employees working remotely, or from home! Increase productivity and timesheets efficiency by tracking attendance and location using sophisticated Face Recognition Technology on a mobile device! 


Enable your business to sell online with online ordering, payments, and logistics solutions. Transform your business to be able to market, sell and deliver through online and offline channels, across different devices, and using different payment methods.

Automated Attendants

Use easy to use tools, such as chatbots, to  streamline and optimize the processes around the handling of sales inquiries, order-taking, customer service, and more. Flexible, transaction-based pricing allows anyone to start using this mini-application today with very little setup time and cost to get started!

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