Introducing LOAD ONE

Load One provides digital solutions for businesses in retail and distribution in the Philippines. We believe that the value chain for consumer goods distribution is ripe for change. By leveraging the latest advances in digital such as mobile, the cloud, and analytics—we can help our customers streamline their operations, reduce cost per transaction, utilize new distribution channels, and provide a more engaging and seamless experience for their customers. 

SMS Marketing

A marketing solution that can help you send promotions, surveys, coupons, and greetings to your customers, instantaneously and cost-effectively. SMS is still a great way to create a strong, personal connection with your customers.

Instant Connections

Provide a way for your customers to contact you via voice or video instantly!  No downloads, no device compatibility issues, just instant connections from your website, email or messages. Powerful management features allow you to route calls to your team.

Automated Attendants

Use easy to use tools, such as chatbots, to  streamline and optimize the processes around the handling of sales inquiries, order-taking, customer service, and more. Flexible, transaction-based pricing allows anyone to start with very little setup time and cost!

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