5 Facebook Messenger Selling Secrets You Need to Know

10/28/2020 09:00 AM By Angela

5 Facebook Messenger Selling Secrets You Need to Know
Whether you're a small business or a big franchise, there is one common denominator when it comes to driving sales in the current climate: you need to make social media work for your business. A strong online presence and social media presence can cement brands and push revenues for all kinds of business.

The current hot topic on everyone's lips is harnessing conversational marketing and selling through chat channels like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, and others. All brick and mortar businesses study branch locations carefully, because being where the customers are is important. That's no different when pushing online sales.

Here in the Philippines, when 96% of internet users are on Facebook and 89% are on Messenger specifically, any business would benefit from a solid Facebook and Messenger presence.

Furthermore, SproutSocial and Pew Research Center's Facebook demographics show that 74% of high-income earners use Facebook.

With these numbers, it's clear that Facebook is simply too big to ignore as a sales channel. Many people are already using Facebook to sell, to various degrees of success. 

There's no time to waste. We've collected five important tips that you need to know or do in order to power your online sales in Facebook messenger.

Harness the Power of Groups

It sounds simple, but it's important. Facebook Groups and the Marketplace are actually big drivers when it comes to online sales, especially when you hit the right note. Aside from getting your business the online traffic it needs, the pandemic has driven hyperlocal marketplaces to overdrive--and it continues to be the case many months in.

Brand awareness is important, and if your brand is active in local Facebook Groups that is appropriate to your business, this comes back as goodwill towards your company. You should have a healthy mix of community-driven Groups and marketplace Groups. While the latter are likely the lowest-maintenance groups to join, don't underestimate the former for their power to push brand awareness.

Product Photography is Important

Pictures attract eyeballs, and the more eyeballs directed to your product posts, the better it is for your online sales.

An inviting, clear shot of what you're selling is important. Ditch the cluttered background and off-focus shots so that your audience knows what the picture is for immediately.

But make sure that your photo is accurate and shows exactly what you're selling. A stock photography of a "similar item" can mean disappointed buyers who have different expectations of what they'll get.

Respond Quickly

The longer customers wait to get a response from brands, the more time they have to look for your competitors' products or get distracted with other things on Facebook. Buyers want and expect answers fast.

If you're finding it hard to keep up with inquiries, consider investing in a chatbot to make sure that your brand is not seen as unresponsive. A snappy answer and a friendly chatbot can tell customers your brand is serious about customer experience and that they can rely on you for what they need.

Follow Through

Don't forget to follow through after a sale, whether it's by sending them an email or message through Facebook Messenger. Set up an automated email or chatbot message to make sure you don't forget and to free up your time.

This act can help turn one-time buyers in loyal customers. Make them feel like a VIP after they order from you, by doing some of the following ideas:

  • Check with them if they've received their order
  • Ask them for feedback on their order
  • Give them exclusive promotions if they order again
  • Etc.

Even if they didn't complete their order with you, they still deserve a message! Look into sending recovery emails or messages when you have abandoned carts. Recovering a good chunk of these can help you boost sales.

Stay Updated

Facebook and the communities around it can change drastically from one day to another, so it's important to stay updated and do your research. Look out for what's selling in the areas you do business in. You can see how your competitors are pricing and marketing their products, and even what emerging trends your business can utilize.

Remember that Facebook Messenger and the Marketplace are great places to test out a new product or marketing campaign. You don't need to invest a lot to see what will sell, so make sure you use these insights to your advantage.