Boost Sales With Chatbots [Winning Tips]

11/11/2020 09:00 AM By Angela

Boost Sales With Chatbots [Winning Tips]
With the holidays fast approaching, an automated order-taker can help any business streamline their online purchases, leading to higher sales and revenue. Ecommerce websites and chatbots are a necessity for a fast-paced sales season.

But these aren't the only benefits a well-implemented chatbot can boost sales for any business. There are more things you can gain from adopting a chatbot, such as extending your market and omnichannel perks.

We've got a few tips you can do with your chatbot now to get ready for the holiday rush.

Tip #1 - Arm Your Chatbot with Answers

Your chatbot excels at fast response times to common questions asked by your customers. Make sure that you take advantage of this benefit! From price list questions to product information, having your chatbot answer common queries will mean less questions directed at your human sales and support agents.

Check with your sales and support teams what questions come up the most as customers transact with your business. You can also do a regular audit of your chatbot's conversations with your customers to see if there are any questions that your chatbot can't answer, and look into including that into your chatbot's knowledge base. This way, your chatbot grows as your business does.

Tip #2 - Online Greeters Can Give Presence to Your Business

A personalized, VIP experience can mean that customers are 80% more likely to purchase from your store. While gearing up your e-commerce site to take on personalization can be a daunting task, you can start taking small steps now by employing a chatbot as a greeter on your online store.

A proactive greeter doesn't have to be an annoying popup for your customers -- it's best to start the conversation with a visitor when they've done something your chatbot can help with.

If they've been to a few product pages but aren't adding anything to their shopping cart, that can be a great time for your chatbot to say hello and ask if they need any assistance.

Tip #3 - Take Back Those Carts

You can even gently remind your shoppers about unfinished orders they have. Have they left the cart behind on a previous shopping session, but came back to your site at some point in the future? Say hello and remind them they were interested in your products, perhaps they need some further information your chatbot can give them?

Businesses don't even need to wait until they come back--many chatbots can now detect intent to leave the website, and send a message to the visitor if they do. Are they leaving with items in the cart but not checking out? Send them a quick message to remind them! You can even tailor promotions for these people, such as shipping discounts and free samples.

Since 70% of shoppers will probably abandon their cart, recovering even half of these can mean a lot of sales for your business.

Chatbots Are Part of Your Team

Chatbots are a valuable part of your team. Integrated well, they can enhance your customers' experience as well as free up your employees' time to focus on more complex tasks that can bring in higher revenue for your business.

Far from being a transactional tool to speed up the sales or support process, chatbots can help build customer loyalty and solidify your brand. Take the time to streamline your chatbot, just like any team member you have--a little investment in time and strategy can mean a lot.